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Detangler Leave in Conditioner

Detangler Leave in Conditioner

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Infused with marshmallow root to detangle even the stubborn knots, moisturise, condition and soften. 

The product is Kids friendly and can be used by everyone. 

ingredients: marshmallow infused water, glycerine, Polyquarternium 7, Shea butter, sunflower oil, cetyl alcohol, emulsifier, preservative, lavender essential oil and fragrance oil. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Detangler Leave in Conditioner

My 2 years old daughter's hair loves your Detangler leave in conditioner 🥰🥰
Am yet to try it on my hair😊
Her hair feels soft🥰😍, I'll definitely call again

Mixed feelings

I do love it. I made detangling while taking down my protective styles easier, but I prefer the Moringa and Neem leave-in for everyday use.

Sumeya Munshi

Detangler Leave in Conditioner

Am so happy!

Hi, I recently got both the deep conditooners as well as the marshmallow detangler leave-in and I love them😍!
The leave in smells so so good and my hair was so easy to detangle after using it.

I used to use ulimusuma products but I can't remember why I stopped but I'm so happy I started again! Your products are amazingg

Emily-Sarah Ngonomo
Detangler Leave in Conditioner

I have tried a number of conditioners both locally and internationally made, however this one stands out. I have thirsty roots so being able to have my hair well nourished and soft can be quite the challenge.
My hair and I are loving this product. I use it on my daughters' hair too.

P. S. I use it even when my hair isn't damp, it works just fine😉

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