Wash Day Tips for all Hair Types

Wash Day Tips for all Hair Types

4 wash day tips that yield a clean scalp and healthy nourished hair strands.This step by step routine is effective for all hair types and can be achieved from home. 

You need to ensure you’ve got your shampoo bar, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and oil or butter. 


Use your neem shampoo bar on wet hair, focusing on your scalp and moving towards your hair strands. The scalp usually needs more cleansing hence starting from there. After a few seconds you will get a good lather that  will cleanse your hair. Rinse off and repeat the process. 

Deep Conditioning

Think of deep conditioning as feeding your hair. It is meant to nourish, strengthen, soften , repair damage, add volume and shine to your hair.

Apply your moringa or hibiscus deep conditioner on your wet hair focusing on the strands and not your scalp. Once done. Cover with a shower cap for 20-30 minutes max. You may sit under a steamer or heat cap. Alternatively you may cover the shower cap with a towel. Rinse off with water only until it’s all out.

Always deep condition before and after installing or taking out a protective hair style, or after a chemical treatment such as relaxing or bleaching.


This process is ment to impart moisture to your hair and nourishing your scalp. Apply your leave in conditioner on damp hair and follow through an oil or butter a minute after. This ensures that your hair stays moisturised for a week long. Remember to give your self a great scalp massage right after applying oil or butter to your scalp. 


Style your hair in a preferred protective hair style such as twists, braids or a low bun etc.

In conclusion, it is recommended to do weekly washing and deep conditioning as to maintain a healthy scalp and well moisturized hair.

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